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Mentor, Spiritual Coach, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Healer
Owner of Priestess Rising Academy

Welcome. I believe that in order for life to show up for us the way we want it to, we have to fully show up for ourselves first. I am here to guide you into becoming the very best version of yourself through embodiment, processing, and safely rewiring and expanding beyond the systems that keep you stuck. I am here to support you as you understand your inner most authentic self and become your biggest cheerleader. Ultimately, leading you to live the life of your wildest dreams. 
Are you ready?

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With 12 years experience in the industry I understand that everyone's specific needs, personal foundation and future goals are complex and unique.

In fact, I ended up in this role by first deeply exploring all the inner bits of myself.

Having personally explored my inner workings while being guided by my knowledge seeking mind, I was led to getting certification in Body Talk, Healing Touch, Astrology & Life Coaching. The combination of my innate gifts along with a decade of studying and hands on work is a beautiful thing. I have expanded into running an Academy, with certification programs, coaching programs and my very own healing modality called The McKenna Method.

 If you are ready to heal, grow, unlearn, relearn, align and everything in between, I'm your gal.

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